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In Poemy, Writings on 2009July25 at 23:42

i can swim
to the bottom of the sea
i can fly
in a chariot to mars

we jump off long before we’re home
at the station
waiting for someone to get on

i can look into your eyes
and see no bottom to your soul
i can close my eyes
and look into another sky

is the rehearsal
we just don’t take it all the way
is the rehearsal
somehow we forget about the play

a wise man said
to enter the Kindom
–become children

so make a wish
a desire buried deep inside your heart
feel the power
of true desire taken seriously

is beginning
on a journey to all that is yours
from start to finish
will bring you to all the open doors

ordinary charm

In Poemy, Writings on 2009July25 at 16:22

serenade me on through this enchanted world
Bach and Al Capone together in this magic lamp
i tuck underneath my arm
and with an ordinary charm i make my way
through this enchanted world